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This document provides an update for the BDD Data and Infrastructure project. It gives a summary of the core activities on data library and experimental vehicles to support BDD research.

Work Activities for Data and Vehicles in 2016

The following list highlights the main accomplishments in the data and vehicle project during 2016:

  • Partnered with Nexar to establish a data source that would provide 100,000 hours of phone-based dashcam driving video into the BDD data library yearly
  • Partnered with Mapillary to establish a data source that would make 25 million images available for selection into the BDD library
  • Contracted three external vendors, Samasource, Deepomatic, and Datatang, for image data labeling
  • Created annotated and labeled image data sets, extracted from Nexar video, and made available to sponsors in a preliminary release in December 2016
  • Worked with BDD sponsors to obtain experimental vehicles to be available for the BDD community
  • Contracted with Autonomous Stuff to acquire an instrumented and automation-enabled vehicle platform for BDD activities
  • Prepared a data-acquisition vehicle platform equipped with DGPS, lidar scanner, IMU, and multiple cameras on a Lincoln MKS vehicle that was donated to PATH previously

Planned Activities and Update for Data and Vehicles in 2017

The planned activities for the data and infrastructure project in 2017 include:

  • MKS
    • Data collection platform on MKS implemented and tested in February 2017
    • To enhance instrumentation package and mounting brackets on MKS
    • To Collect field driving data with the MKS data-acquisition platform
  • MKZ
    • MKZ from Autonomous Stuff received on April 11, 2017
    • Added Velodyne 64-bean lidar and PointGrey stereo camera and NovAtel DGPS to MKZ
  • MKS and MKZ
    • To explore additional devices to be added to MKZ and/or MKS, including 360-degree view camera, eye-tracker, various types of cameras, Nvidia Drive-PX2
    • To conduct experiments and testing of MKZ and MKS
  • Other automation-enabled vehicle platforms
    • Hyundai Genesis provided by Hyundai Motor Company arrived in early 2017 and instrumentation to begin in Spring 2017
    • Discussions with VW and GM about vehicle provision
  • Video and Image Data Set
    • Receive additional annotation results from previously contracted vendors
    • Receive 1 million images from Mapillary, and prepare for release to sponsors
    • To extend contracts with selective vendors to continue image labeling and annotation work
    • To prepare for public release of data set at CVPR 2017
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