Infrastructure and Data 2018


At a glance

This document describes the scope of work for the BDD Infrastructure project. It gives a summary of the core activities on data sets and experimental vehicles to support BDD research. The planned activities for the infrastructure project in 2019 include:

  • Continue image annotation work on BDD-100K, and to prepare for future data release to sponsors and the public; The task is covered by a separate data project, led by Fisher Yu and supervised by Prof. Trevor Darrell; Please see updates on the BDD 100k page,
  • Acquire and process vehicle-based driving data collected and to be provided by Holomatic, a BDD sponsor; data elements include lidar, radar, camera, and CAN-bus information, supplemented with image annotations. The infrastructure team will coordinate the participation and involvement of multiple research teams within BDD who are potential users of this vehicle-based data set from Holomatic.
  • Maintain experimental vehicle hardware and software platforms;
  • Continue support of vehicle usage by BDD research groups
  • Continue analysis and modeling of pedestrian-traffic data set collected on Hearst Street near campus


Infrastructure Core Activities for 2019

(1) Activities for Experimental Vehicle Platforms MKZ and MKS (I-Ming Chen)

The BDD infrastructure team is responsible for the management and maintenance of two experimental vehicles: the 2017 Lincoln MKZ and 2013 Lincoln MKS. The regular tasks include:

  • Basic maintenance duties: fueling, tire pressure check, periodical inspection, battery and power system maintenance;
  • On-board device or sub-system firmware update;
  • Tutorials and assistance to students and staff from faculty groups for the use of the vehicles; there are 5-7 research teams currently using the platforms;
  • Diagnosis and resolution of functional issues and hardware/software problems,
  • Installation and testing of functional modules, such as components of middleware, Autoware [1.1] and Baidu Apollo [1.2].




(2) Activities for Experimental Vehicle Platform Hyundai Genesis (Vijay Govindarajan, Xu Shen)

We plan to enhance and upgrade the Hyundai Genesis vehicle to provide better perception capabilities and better computing reliability, with additional sensor and hardware computing platform, as well electrical system enhancements. The Genesis platform is managed and maintained separately by Prof. Francesco Borrelli’s group.


(3) Pedestrian Data Set and Analysis (Xiao Zhou, Pin Wang)

In this project, we focus on the processing of the mid-block crossing data set collected on Hearst Street on the north side of Berkeley campus, where pedestrians often spontaneously walk across. In 2019, we plan the following activities:

  • annotation of head and body pose cases to establish a meaningful training-testing data set.

method to detect head pose changing in low resolution images, and analysis of all captured video data to obtain more head-pose pedestrian-head pose cases.


BDD Vehicle Platform Instrumentation

Vehicle PlatformLincoln MKZLincoln MKSHyundai Genesis

System 76 Leopard WS
CPU: i7 -7800X
Memory: 128GB
GPU: GTX 1080Ti x2

System 76 Leopard WS
CPU: i7 -7800X
Memory: 64GB
GPU: GTX 1080Ti x1

Neousys Nuvo-6108GC
CPU: Xeon E3 1275 v5
Memory: 32GB
GPU: GTX 1080Ti x1
SSD: 275GB

Operating SystemUbuntu 16.04.03 (Xenial Xerus)Ubuntu 16.04.03 (Xenial Xerus)Ubuntu 16.04
Real-time ControllerN/AN/AdSpace MicroAutoBox II
Drive-by wireDataspeed dbw (drive-by-wire),
Steer-shifter combination dbw,
Throttle-brake combination dbw
N/ALongitudinal: Hyundai ACC interface by CAN bus
Lateral: Hyundai LKAS (torque) or SPAS (angle)
Camera SensorCamera: GRASSHOPPER3 X2
Lens: VS Technology VS-0814H1 1" 8mm F1.4
Manual Iris C-Mount Lens

Logitech c922 x8

Mobileye Camera/Radar System

Point Grey Blackfly

GPSNovatel GPS-701-GG/FlexPak6 DGPSNovatel GPS-701-GG/FlexPak6 DGPSOxTS RT3003
LiDarVelodyne 64E-S2Velodyne 64E-S2

Velodyne HDL-32E x1

Velodyne VLP-16 x3
RadarDelphi ESR 2.5N/ADelphi SRR2


Ching-Yao ChanYi-Ta Chaung
Fisher Yu
Karl Zipser
BDD Data Library
BDD Vehicle Platforms